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”“Oh, wow,” Nagisa crowed, wiping what were evidently pretend-tears of mirth away from his eyes. Honestly, Rin-chan, how can someone who cries at the drop of a hat be so terrified of other people’s emotional displays? Underneath the layers of awkward, your words were very inspiring.”“Well,” Rin sighed. Do me a favor and at least flip through them a little.”Nagisa waved him off with his spoon. You’d be surprised how much English I’ve picked up outside of school.”“…You can’t quote song lyrics to people, Nagisa. ” he asked.“Rei-chan says many things to me,” Nagisa replied. Feeling more and more suspicious by the second, Rin brushed past him, unlocked the door, and swung it open. He rubbed at his temples and breathed deeply through his nose, trying to keep calm. I guess now we know where that discount you promised me actually came from. That manager lady probably cut your rent as a reward for bagging someone for her.”“That’s…neither here nor there,” Mikoshiba replied, raising his eyes to the ceiling and keeping them there.



He’s closer than ever to achieving his dream and (as far as he knows) nothing is going to get in his way. His goals are simple: Continue swimming his way to the Olympics with Haru Try not to go insane in his trashy new apartment the size of a tic-tac…And, if at all possible, avoid dealing with his increasingly confusing feelings toward his new roommate. When he didn’t say anything for a good twenty seconds, Haru shot him a dirty look. “Hold off on calling Mikoshiba for a few days.”“Whatever you say,” Rin muttered, getting up to leave. “Told Gou I’d eat at home.” He shrugged on his jacket and added, “Besides, you’re gonna be eating a lot of your meals without me. And this doesn’t count, since apparently it’s a business call. I’m using an international phone card, and there aren’t very many minutes left.” “You’re so lucky! You guys are gonna have so much fun.”How Nagisa managed to pout and shove half a piece of cake into his mouth at the same time was beyond Rin. It had been four days since he’d had taken Rei’s random call in the middle of the night, and he was still half-convinced it had all been some sort of weird, anxiety-induced dream.

He was blinking rapidly.“Uh, I mean…it’s not like you won’t make friends…you’re nice. Even now that he was thinking about properly, he wasn’t sure. That particular sentiment was coming through the clearest. He glanced up to see Nagisa watching at him shrewdly.“What? ”“That you should be nice,” he shrugged.“BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! ” he said, lowering his voice.“Then what are you getting all worked up for? I just want you to be nice to him.”“Yeah, so you said,” Rin responded flatly. Even if he still had no idea what Nagisa was getting at. Or maybe Rin was just being obtuse…He thought back to his last encounter with Rei. The last time they’d seen each other had to have been nearly a month ago at Rei, Nagisa, and Gou’s graduation ceremony. I just want Rei-chan to be happiest he can be this year, you know? Then he sighed and added grudgingly, “I’ll be nice.”Nagisa winked and gave him a thumbs-up. “You’ve got the entire bottom floor to yourself.”Rin hesitated at the top of the stairs.



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    The US also disliked Iraqi support for many Arab and Palestinian militant groups such as Abu Nidal, which led to Iraq's inclusion on the developing US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism on 29 December 1979.

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