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Although they will make it look like that afterwards 😉 The big result of this difference is that a Dutchman will invest in an idea if he believes in it and will take the hit if it fails.A Belgian will analyze the risk and will back down if the risk of failure is too high.The Dutch are more like the dwarfs, more gold, so more money to spend, louder and maybe a bit bigger.When they go for something, they also get things done, but it might not always be the most efficient way.” My answer to the first question is mostly, ‘too long’.To the second one, ‘I do’, and it is not the stereotype cultural differences you would expect.We aren’t the loudest bunch of people and because of our small market, don’t always have the biggest budgets to work with.But due to those restrictions and humble approach we are very efficient and get things done.


” and “Do you see a difference between Belgian and Dutch people?’ When a Dutch person asks you how your weekend was, that is a question not to be taken lightly.When a Dutchman asks you this, he genuinely wants to know how your weekend was.The Dutch walk in and say, coffee, nice, want some! We will get back to you Judging by the traffic situation in Brussels and Antwerp you wouldn’t say Belgians are very efficient, but I dare to state the opposite. Not to offend them or myself, but to describe their way of working and looking at the world.

While Belgians first apologize for their presence, ask if it bothers anybody if they breath and than answer to the question, ‘Do you want some coffee? We are small as a country, half of the world still thinks we are the capital of Brussels or do not exist at all, even though we host the European Union.

There is something to say about both approaches, but in the end it comes down to having a week full of Dutch meetings, while Belgians are still trying to squeeze in some time.


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