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That they are so beautifully preserved is incredible!" This was my first Rick Steve's tour and it exceeded my expectations in every way.You'll have time to soak in the view or head to the beach before tonight's dinner together. On the road again, we'll stop to visit a working farm and meet its owner, followed by a midday feast. This evening we'll take a walk through the city's historic old town on the island of Ortygia. This afternoon we'll enjoy a lively performance of Sicily's traditional puppet theater, where the language is no barrier to entertainment. We'll begin our day with a short drive up the coast to Catania, where we'll take in the breathtaking view of Mount Etna, while learning more about the volcano with a spirited presentation by one of the University of Catania's volcanologists.


Making sure residents with diabetes monitor their insulin levels is clearly an important task and Missouri River Manor can help with that task.

They have fire pits and picnic spaces available for those who want to enjoy a camp cooked meal.


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