Graveyard shift dating


When you drive by the area of the hotel she stayed in late at night sometimes you can see a faint light. It's a really weird and freaky place that near-city teens go to. At the stop sign turn right at the first gravel road turn left, go past the bridge turn around and go back over the bridge.

There's a bridge that if you drive on to & then stop & turn off your headlights, radio, and don't talk then you can see a baby crawl across the road. When you get over the bridge wait a few seconds and the turn around.

Don’t drive to fast or to slow but you can see a man on a horse without a head.

The farther you get from the bridge the close it gets to you. Back in the 1800's there was a terrible battle fought on the grounds where the memorial is.

When this place was a restaurant, people claimed to see a little girl's face in the bathroom mirror.

Customers also complained of hearing children laughing and playing upstairs while in the dining room below. A) was believed to have been over stressed and worked, so she flung herself down the stairs head first killing herself on impact.

The teacher said that he was fine and next time the teacher looked at him, he was lying there dead.


It is said that at the turn of the century an old man ran a playground for children on the apostolic church grounds he was hated by the adults but loved by the children one day he was found brutally murdered and his body was thrown in the Wabash River and was found under the red bridge it is said that if you go there in the middle of the night and lie down on the bridge you will hear the sounds of children laughter and sometimes you will hear something pounding on the bottom of the bridge If you drive down Elizaville Rd.She is said to walk around the school, and some janitors have quit after when opening a door the handle began shake and was freezing cold. The ghost of a construction worker from when the bridge was built, and the sounds of a baby crying, supposedly from an incident during which a baby was inadvertently dropped into the creek from the bridge.


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    Gegenwärtig verwenden Sie die Flash-Version des Chats: diese besitzt den kompletten Funktionsumfang und ist optimiert.

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    The most common motives for using Tinder were because it's exciting and because it's trendy.

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    As the series' only African-American character, Bobobo does suffer from some stereotyping that's just a part of the show's whole ridiculous package.

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    Send pictures to your freinds our upload them in the main chat room.

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    OUR PRIVACY STATEMENT TCC is committed to creating a safe and secure online environment where members can connect comfortably and anonymously with other members.

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    Interested experts are requested to register and to indicate their area(s) of expertise (see the registration form) in order to be considered for participation.

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