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In this discussion group we will explore, on the basis of three different scenarios, how Metabolomics can be integrated in the GM risk assessment.

DG 3 – The use of OMICS in human risk assessment of chemicals Human risk assessment of chemicals is traditionally based on the identification and characterisation of chemical hazards through a battery of studies are used to identify reference points (RP) (points of departure) to establish appropriate health-based guidance values.

For example, OMICS could be used for screening of chemicals, for finding biomarkers of exposure and effects, for mapping chemicals onto known modes of action (MOA) or adverse outcome pathways (AOP), and for discovering novel MOA and AOP.

The interpretation and integration of OMICS data can provide valuable information on the functional status of an organism and on the impact of external factors e.g. In 2013, EFSA started mapping the use of omics tools in the risk assessment related to food and feed safety (Pielaat et al., 2013).



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