Rosario dawson dating french guy


The actor and comedian, Eric Andre, who started dating the newly-single star, Rosario Dawson almost a year ago now called it quits. The sources state that they have ended their relationship on good terms and are still friends with each other.

The reason for their separation, however, isn’t revealed yet.

Proving that she was coping with the split quite fine, Rosario even flashed a silly face, sticking her tongue out while flashing a peace sign at cameras. 'They are still friends and wish each other the best.


Rosario recently said of their relationship, "It's not like we announced our relationship, so it's not like we're going to announce our breakup. He's wonderful and we dated longer than people think we did.

That is until Rosario herself confirmed their romance during an appearance on in April. '"In September, Rosario reflected on the moment she'd told Eric she loved him a year earlier after having to undergo emergency surgery. This weekend marks a year that I had to get emergency surgery to stop internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst on my ovary," she wrote alongside a selfie from the hospital.

"He started posting more pictures of like our tongues touching and stuff, like personal pictures," she teased. "It was the first time I told @ericfuckingandre that I loved him (and very much not the last).

star and comedian—who went public with their relationship over Valentine's Day 2017—remain on good terms.

The insider tells us, "Rosario and Eric went their separate ways.They are still friends and wish each other the best.


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