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Ricky Flinchum, a large man with a long, white beard and long, brown ponytail, appeared briefly as a witness to confirm that his nickname was Santa.He denied that he was a Pagan or that he had anything to do with setting up a meeting at a Mexican restaurant in Pearisburg.These issues may not come up with every hiker, but they were very common in 2015.First and foremost – do NOT let any of the topics discussed in this blog scare you away from hiking the Appalachian Trail!In his cross-examination of Mooney and his closing argument, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Justin Griffith pointed out numerous inconsistencies or just odd elements of her story and questioned repeatedly if the plan was really just to talk to the woman.


The woman now walks with a cane, has hearing and vision loss on one side, numbness in her face, damage to an arm that restricts its range of motion, and other lingering injuries, according to testimony.

As Mooney wept — and as her victim breathed deeply and murmured “Thank you, Jesus,” from the audience benches — Finch ordered a pre-sentencing report and scheduled a sentencing hearing for Dec. According to testimony Monday and Tuesday, the woman had started dating the man that Mooney called "father" almost a year before the attack.


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    The BBC and other broadcasters are launching a number of free HD channels in time to watch this summer’s football World Cup.

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