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Spotify’s algorithmic radio, which curate songs around a particular artist, is not a patch on Beats 1, Apple Music’s live 24/7 global ‘youth-orientated’ station, however.That’s not surprising considering the resources Apple has put into securing DJ Zane Lowe and celebrity guest appearances.MORE: Spotify confirms 39 million paying subscribers The free subscription tier on the desktop version is pretty unlimited in terms of search and stream options, although on a mobile device users of the Spotify app can only shuffle artists or playlists, with song skipping restricted to six times per hour.Of course, there are niggling adverts too, which crop up every few songs.Sure, there’s room for improvement, and reasons why you might look elsewhere: rivals sound better, and are available in more countries, and some features and functions offered by other services may appeal to you.With its CD-quality lossless streaming, Tidal is growing a fanbase of audio enthusiasts, while Qobuz’s Sublime tier offers something different with its cross between a streaming service and hi-res download store.


Despite the ever-mushrooming competition, Spotify continues to stay true to its founding “music for everyone” ethos by remaining one of the only streaming services to offer a free, ad-supported subscription tier alongside its premium service.

It seems pretty spot-on, and even includes new remixes of songs from artists you have listened to.

In case you need even more songs to soundtrack your procrastination, there’s now a New Music Friday UK playlist that ties in with the official UK chart, featuring a few handfuls of tracks from new album and single releases. In September, Spotify launched Daily Mix, which sits within ‘Your Library’ on the i OS and Android mobile app (it’s coming soon to desktop) and consists of five genre-specific playlists. and the more we use it the more we think this could be one of Spotify’s best features show, to snippets from popular BBC, TED talks or MTV programming, to Spotify’s own original content.

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However, some new features have sprung up, mostly focusing on music discovery.

The service is renowned for its innovation, and we’d have to review it every few months to keep up to date with every development.



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