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"But when I saw my parents, my jaw hit the floor."It's been a year for that sort of reaction. It's the best drug in the world."And so she indulges the high.

First there was her marriage to Sood, her best friend and drummer of seven years. And finally there was the Lilith Fair — the all-female festival that Mc Lachlan organized and headlined, and whose just-released live album now stands as a document of last summer's most successful concert event. At her party, Mc Lachlan strolls from table to table, happy to hug each of her guests one by one.

"It's an elusive thing."She stands and lights more candles."I'm a sensible girl when it comes right down to it," she says. It is also why we are forced to probe her subconscious for insight.

Mc Lachlan doesn't remember most of her dreams, but when she does, it's usually the violent ones.

Mc Lachlan's parents are both transplanted Americans, both academics.


They were kind of doing it to put on a show and horrify this evangelist. Non-Freudians need not apply.c LACHLAN' S DREAMS BEGAN IN Halifax, a conservative town of 300,000 in the extreme east of Canada — the kind of town that teaches a girl to be practical while it forces her to imagine other, more exciting realities.

"When Sarah comes over to our place and burps at the table, my eldest daughter gives her a filthy look and says, ' That's disgusting.' We always laugh that Sarah is our manners brometer."At the moment, we are in Mc Lachlan's hotel suite, and she is considering the question of her image.

She wears a flowing skirt with a lacy, delicate top, lights a number of candles and then laughs when it's pointed out that this is exactly the type of thing that plays into a hippiechik mystique.

Jesus Christ, enough already."What she is is bright and straightforward, albeit occasionally with a New Age bent.

If you can judge a performer by the people who surround her, then Mc Lachlan is in good stead.

Or because her favorite pastime is burping louder than anyone else in the room.



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