Updating movable type


To make matters worse, just changing the https link to http made it work just fine – which at first seemed to make no sense whatsoever. Then they became so big – by volume, not necessarily traffic – I moved these categories to their own blogs. Eventually I even moved a couple of these blogs to Word Press, just because that’s what all the cool kids were doing.

It’s like that one character put the database over some sort of size limit or something. Continue reading While the dynamic publishing model of Movable Type is not heavily used, it is actually a very useful feature.

On top of making Word Press work in under an hour (take that, Movable Type! Sure, it needed a few minor script fixes, but it only took about an hour to figure that out compared to four weeks of failure with Movable Type.

I’ll post an update soon once I finish updating all my recent photos.

Luckily, Plurk power-user Ryan Lim came to the rescue.

Not long ago, he released RLPlurk API, a PHP-based API into Plurk.

Nonetheless, it is quite possible that the best possible performance for Movable Type users is actually not dynamic or static, but a combination of the two.

The reason being is, quite simply, because there are places that you can make use of both to maximize the benefits that both technologies offer.

Continue reading The debate between dynamic and static pages is probably one that will go on for all time.

If you forget to do so, then it means the related entries won’t work until you go back and enter it. Continue reading If you’ve been reading the blog for the last little while, you know that I’ve been hanging out on Plurk recently.

If you enter the wrong value, you get the wrong results. Naturally, that means that I have been playing with Plurk as well, and trying to integrate it into my daily routine.

Alas, even that wasn’t it – bunches of (other) characters would work fine, just not those particular characters, making it seem like that site itself was the issue, and that is what eventually led to the answer. – I heard about this blogging thing and decided I would figure out what it was all about. Probably not as a complete CMS – mostly because it is not full-featured – but certainly to provide some nice functionality on the side as it were.

So I installed Movable Type on a hosting account I had sitting around collecting dust. At least, I think it was 2.64 – it’s been ten years, so cut me some slack here. Unfortunately the dynamic publishing functions are not documented much, if at all, so when you run into some issues, it can be difficult to troubleshoot.Spending hour after hour troubleshooting and still getting that annoying message and it just won’t go away? In fact, it might be a little hard for you to find, you just have to know where to look.



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