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Pocket Metaverse was designed to fill the gap as best it could and give users as much Second Life as you could possibly get on a mobile device. You can teleport around via a simplified and very limited search function but if you plan on using the app very often, it’s best if you build yourself a lengthy list of landmarks to use as a reference.

Pocket Metaverse also lets you chat with other avatars that are within range and IM your friends and groups.

Here, anyone can contact you, as shown the quote from the rugby dad above.

To the game’s credit, it does have decent privacy and filtering settings for kids who are under 13.

This filtering is not applied for users age 13 and above, but it can be enabled by following these instructions (even for users 12).

This still leaves the most significant problem, which is anyone can send a message to anyone.

He said from the outside the game looked fine, but when he went into a room with a pool he was immediately “propositioned”.


Multitask is also fully supported so if you’re using an i Phone with i OS 4 you can even play the audio in the background.When logged into Roblox through a browser (not through the app), you can view the following histories: The Roblox App feels more like a 14 app.


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